The WIPRO Company had conducted a FDP called MISSION10X from 6th to 10th December, 2011 under the supervision of Mr.P.Srinivas Reddy, the Academic Relationship Manager Mission 10X of WIPRO.





IL&FS Skill Development Corporation Ltd ,New Delhi entering an MOU with MeRITS on 6-4-13 at their college campus at Udayagiri for making the engineers more employable.
IL&FS is going to setup an Institution of Skills (IIS) in association with MeRITS (Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy Institution of Technology & Science),Udayagiri, SPSR Nellore District,in AP.


IL&FS designed the employability programs for engineers and implementing across India in association with engineering colleges with an objective of making the engineering students more employable as per the need of the industry. Every engineer has to gain good skill sets to get the good employment.

There are six types of skill sets which essential for any engineer.
1. Employability Skills (Technical skills)
2. Problem solving skills (Aptitude)
3. Job Readiness skills
4. Soft skills
5. English Communication skills

Dr. B.V.Ramana Reddy, Principal, on behalf of MeRITS and Mr. D.MadhuBabu, Senior Vice President, IL & FS have signed the MOU in the presence of Sri M.Rajamohan Reddy, Chairman, MeRITS and Sri M. Chandrasekhar Reddy, Secretary, MeRITS.


A workshop in communicative skills has been conducted in MeRITS called “Training Of the Trainers” from 29-08-2013 to 31-08-2013. Smt.Revathi Krishna Murthy, Mr.Purushotham and Mr.Aslam were the resource persons from IL & FS, institute of skills. More than 12 faculty members were actively participated in the workshop and performed some role plays, group discussions, brain storming activities and prepared charts for hygiene qualities.





In order to empower the youth, to impart technical skills in the manufacture of marketable products and to help the poor students Earn-while-you-Learn program is introduced from this academic year, i.e., 2013-2014. Technical training will be given to the enthusiastic students in the selected areas and the produced goods are marketed through external agencies and the sale proceeds will be given to the students. This program will give lot of confidence to the students and the students will be in a position to start their own enterprise after the completion of their B.Tech. degree. The areas identified / the products to be produced by the students are the following.

Manufacture of batteries.
Manufacture of AC machine.
Manufacture of solar lights and other appliances.
Mobile servicing.
Manufacture of Biometric devices.



4. CRT Program


The main objective of these classes is to help the students to enhance their employability skills. The students are trained both in technical skills and also in soft skills.A comprehensive program has been designed by the institute to take the students through all stages of the e campus recruitment process. It covers quantitative ability, reasoning, communication and computer skills. This is a test of skill and ability in a specific field of work. Analytical ability, verbal skills, logical reasoning and basic domain knowledge will be tested that are likely to face.Aptitude classes have been included in the regular curriculum and the exam is conducted on the covered topics on the second Thursday of every month. Communication skills and Group Discussion classes are a part of the regular class. Two hours have been allotted for these classes on per week. On every third Thursday of a month, group discussion, debate competitions are held in the college campus. Participants in a GD are judged on their ability to convey their point of views on a particular topic in a logic, coherent and nature manner in a peer group. Apart from this, Participants are judged on their group behavior and leadership skills. These classes help the students to develop their conceptual knowledge and creativity to develop some project models which in turn help in their professional life.We are sure that our training will certainly boost up the confidence levels of the students, enhance their conceptual knowledge, harness their skills and make them more employable.





This program was conducted to bring awareness about personality traits and life skills among the students. MeRITS IMPACT was organized by our Institution in collaboration with Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy Charitable Trust on January 4th, 5th, and 6th -2017 to bring awareness on personality traits and life skills among the students besides the core subjects. MeRITS IMPACT program helped the students to enhance their confidence levels and leadership qualities, ethical values, employability skills, language skills…etc More than 3000 students from various districts actively participated and realized about their life and personality.